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We provide delivery of our costumes throughout England, Scotland and Wales and calculate exact delivery prices for each hire case. We do not wish to make any profits on the delivery costs to make our hire packages as affordable as possible.  


Small hire 

Smaller hires often work out better value to use a courier service. An accurate price will be given once an initial enquiry has been made but most tend to be around £100. Costumes using the courier delivery service come in crates for ease of delivery.


Large Hires

We are happy to personally deliver your costumes - and love to get to meet our lovely clients. The price of this service is calculated on an individual basis. For large hires and shows such as Shrek Jr and The Little Mermaid Costume hire this is essential due to the fragility and size of the costumes and accessories. 



It is obviously the most affordable way to receive your costumes... You are welcome to come and meet our team and collect your costumes yourself.

here to shine the spotlight on your production

We would love to work with you as you produce your next stage musical and make fantastic memories. 

Get in touch with a member of our team to enquire about how we can take some of the stress of producing a show off your shoulders, and help make your musical a production to be proud of and.

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